Shirley Agostinho
School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wollongong

Associate Professor Shirley Agostinho’s career spans 16 years in UOW’s Faculty of Education and Faculty of Social Sciences – being employed in a number of full-time and casual non-continuing positions since 1997. These positions have ranged from instructional designer, project manager, post-doctoral fellow, research fellow, lecturer and now senior lecturer. Shirley has expertise in the design, development, implementation, evaluation and research of learning environments supported by the use of information communication technologies. Research in learning design has been a main focus for Shirley since 2000, with a particular interest in documenting teaching and learning practice to facilitate sharing, adaptation and reuse.

Sue Bennett
School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wollongong

Professor Sue Bennett is Head of the School of Education at the University of Wollongong.  She has more than 20 years of experience teaching in Australian universities. She began her academic career as an instructional designer, working closely with teaching staff to develop effective learning designs for face-to-face, online and distance learning. She graduated with a PhD in Education in 2002 and has worked as a full-time teaching and research academic since. Sue is an internationally-recognised research leader in the area of learning design, with a special interest in supporting university teachers to improve their design practices and to integrate information and communication technologies effectively into their teaching.

Lori Lockyer
Graduate Research School, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Lori Lockyer is the Dean of the Graduate Research School at the University of Technology Sydney. Lori’s research focuses on teaching and learning with technology in school, university and professional learning environments. Lori is interested in understanding the learning processes and outcomes for learners engaged in technology-supported tasks – particularly collaborative, complex and problem-based tasks.  Lori has been working in the area of learning design for over a decade. She is interested in teacher design thinking, that is, how teachers conceptualise their design work and the psychological and contextual factors that influence that work.  Most recently, Lori has been bringing these two areas of research together – how learners learn and how teachers teach with technology – through the integration of concepts and approaches from the fields of learning design and learning analytics.