Tools and Resources

LDTool (external link):  This is an online Learning Design Tool that helps you document your own designs and browse designs that others have added to the collection.  Teachers across all sectors may find this tool useful. To help you use this tool, download our LDTool User Guide.

LDTool in ILDE (external link): Our LDTool is also available for use within the Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE) ( This is a community platform that integrates a number of learning design tools supporting conceptualization, authoring and implementation of learning activities. To help you use LDTool in ILDE, download our LDTool in ILDE User Guide

The Learning Designs Project (external link):  The ICTs and their role in Flexible Learning project funded in 2000 by the Australian Universities Teaching Committee produced a number of learning design exemplars, guides and tools suited to the higher education context.

School Education Teaching Resources: These units of work for NSW Stage 3 were designed by participants in our Designing Effective Learning Experiences project.